about us

cute selfie.jpg
nay schuder building sculpture of a king
Julie Schuder building bust of lady
Nay Schuder painting a lady in watercolor
Julie Schuder painting in watercolor

Best friends and partners since 1995, Nay and Julie Schuder have a mutual passion for green design and fine and functional art.

Although works are often created independently, their distinct individual styles create a unique opportunity for collaboration. 


The Schuders build ceramic sculptures using slabs of cone 10 clay. A variety of finished including oxides and glazes are applied, and the pieces are fired to 2380F. The finished stoneware pieces range in size from 1 in. to 8 ft. tall.

While Nay strives for photo-realism in watercolor, Julie's works are surreal and whimsical.

Collaborations include custom and one-of-a-kind multi-media home decor elements. Their unique pieces combine re-purposed vintage objects with materials such as leather, cork and reclaimed lumber.


Accessories are constructed from a variety of materials including leather, clay and steel.